Call me Moominyoley of Palikbaban.


Myself Sreenanda and I like to delve into unfathomable depths. Period.

Tread lightly along to meet elements of my gestalt here. Hope you are gifted happy pauses! :)

Abstract Marbles

Know me, eh?

I am more than my connectome, at any point in time. The more/delta here is the cosmological iota that varies every time I think. Every time I think, my connectome changes. And this isn’t a hypothesis, like Dr Sebastian Seung quips. He does not talk of the delta. And let's also not forget, connectomes are individually evolving too!


So my dear, the delta that there is, cannot ever be defined by narrow AI, let alone it’s general counterpart! I thrive to sustain a perpetual state of HemiSync® (brainwaves frequent from both hemispheres at >= 10^33 cm/ Planck’s distance). ​

Seriously though. Tread along!

Mr. Sarkar is really generous. Read what he has to say!


Just ambling into..

I began this cosmological journey back in the 90s and it's professional bit in 2015. I have since worked on a number of solo and collaborative projects.

It is so much more than just amusing an audience. It’s about producing work that has an impact. This is why I routinely need to give myself an honest self-induced training session before attempting on a subject vertical.

Almost any bit of information can walk up to my radar and stir it up. I have varied interests, from eschatology to technology!

Explore and feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Work et cetera..

I am currently associated with iDreamCareer (India) as the Principal Analyst - Research & Intelligence in a full-time role. My erstwhile & current colleagues have honoured me with many special sobriquets!

Jokes apart.
A specialist in actionable intelligence and knowledge delivery through research and analyses-centric presentations using data triangulation, with demonstrated skills in cross-disciplinary data interpretation/representation with a high degree of proficiency surrounding technical and scientific disciplines. University degree earned in Biophysics & Biostatistics pursuant to a graduation in Chemistry. Prior to career pursuits, ascension with an internship at the Institute of Nuclear Physics (India).

Video Game Invention

Tricks of My Trade

Using simple tools, through minimum LoE, for a swift TAT to create impactful actionable volumes.

Ardent professional and a childlike learner.

I am a Myers-Briggs INTJ [rarest (2.6%) of all personality traits among test-takers]

Tools & Tech: Microsoft business products (Office 365), Balsamiq, Lucidchart, Visio, Wordpress, Tableau, Smartsheet, Google suite of products (incl. Forms & AppScript), Moqups etc.

(I love to explore & learn)

Databases: Refinitiv Eikon, ILOSTAT, World Bank Databank

Interests: Inferential/Descriptive/Meta-analyses, research strategy, sampling,Hunter Schmidt, SERVPERF & SERVQUAL, consumer/demographic research, R, Python, SPSS. Just more intense impactful work.

Core Competencies:

  • Market Research

  • Design Writing


  • Analytics


  • Strategy


  • Technical Research


  • Data Representation


  • EdTech


  • Occupations Research

  • Wireframing

Marble Surface

Other Selected Texts

Up Close & Thick

I am far more than my day-job with odd idiosyncrasies. I am a chimera.

Slide this to know my interests apart from work.

Communication Tower

And as Dr Sebastian Seung says,

"You are your connectome"


New Delhi, India

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